Pamela Franco
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Pamela Franco's love for Pilates is reflected in her continuous and never ending focus during her instruction, and that has allowed me to improve on everything I do.
-John Richards


I have been an avid practitioner of Pilates for over 3 years. In that period I have worked with at least a half dozen instructors. All were 'good' but Pamela demonstrated what I might best describe as an intuitive feel for where my body was at at any point in time and how best to work with me. She really 'listens' to my body in a way that I cannot even sense.

Being a service professional I attribute her ability to an absolute mastery of her craft. The result is that the Pilates experience with Pamela is a very personal experience which is very satisfying and highly beneficial.
— Jim Eisenhart, President, VENTURA CONSULTING GROUP


"My wife had been going to Pam for Pilates for about a year when she finally talked me into trying it myself. I had never been particularly flexible, and some major surgery had made me even less so. I was getting to the point that if I dropped something, I'd just leave it there because I couldn't stoop down very often to pick things up. For a guy brought up with weight training, at first Pilates seemed like "little girlie" exercise, but boy what a difference it made! I'm now more flexible than I've ever been, and that means I can get down on the floor with my Grand kids and play with their dog. Plus, Pam is great if you have a problem area that needs work. I was in a bicycle accident that was causing my shoulder to start "freezing up": the physical therapist gave me a few isolated arm exercises that just made it hurt more, but Pamela really worked on it with my whole body, and now it's back to normal. Go with Pam!
—Martin Furmanski


I've been going to Pilates with Pam for over 4 years and it has made all the difference in my life. Pam is a true professional. Working out with her has improved my balance and ability to get down and back up from the floor to play with my grandchildren. When I came to Pam I had a rotator cuff problem, she worked with me and increased the movement in my shoulder until I have complete range of motion. Her ability to pinpoint areas that need stretching and to gently exercise and improve mobility is amazing.
—Ginny Furmanski

Pamela Franco