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“In 10 sessions you will feel better, in 20 sessions you will look better, in 30 sessions you will
change your body” — Joseph Pilates



A unique small group class of 5 that combines classical mat exercises, the Tower, and a variety of other resistance tools. Develop strength and controlled movement from a strong core using the Tower apparatus with springs that teach your body how to deepen into your center with oppositional stretches. Every exercise incorporates the entire body in a precise, proven, and playful way.*

~Sunrise Tower Class~

Start your day at the top of your game with strong gentle stretches that enliven your core muscles. This Tower Mat class is a small group class of 5 designed to increase your strength, coordination and flexibilty while centering your body and mind as your day begins. Leave the studio feeling aligned and supported during all of your activities in the day.*

*It is advised that each client attend at least one private lesson with Pamela prior to attending a group class.

$25 Per Class With Monthly Pre Registry • $30 Per Class (by appointment)
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A one on one lesson with Pamela, consistently tailored to your personal needs, using all of the apparatus and mat exercises. This is a highly customized and attentive way to begin or deepen your Pilates practice.

$350/5 Classes • $650/10 Classes • $80 Per Class (by appointment)



A customized lesson done with you and a partner of a similar fitness level. With all the qualities of a Private Session, a Duet has the added challenge and fun of rhythym and flow with your partner. It is suggested that both clients have a private lesson initially, allowing Pamela to get familiar with your needs. If you are looking for a partner, Pamela can try to arrange one for you.

$250 Per Person/5 Classes • $450 Per Person/10 Classes • $60 Per Person Per Class (by appointment)